The Spring Table Setting Of Your Dreams

The Spring Table Setting Of Your Dreams

This Easter leave the bunnies and eggs for the kids and try a different kind of Easter table setting. This Gucci inspired Easter table setting is full of flowers and high fashion details that are sure to set the tone for fun. And in case you are worried we are taking this too seriously there are butterflies in the flowers, feel better?

Setting a beautiful table starts with a surface. This can be anything from a fancy dining table to an affordable pop up version. If you have a surface that isn’t anything  worth writing home about use a full table cloth to disguise it. There are so many beautiful fabric table cloths to choose from, look for something that sets the color palette you want to go with. Sometimes what you envision simply doesn’t exist so  you have to get creative. Head to the fabric store to find what you want and make your own. If you don’t own an iron let alone a sewing machine, call your local tailor and see if they can help. Often you will find they are happy to take on such a simple job to give them a break from one more boring hem.

Watch How To Make This Table Setting:

Where Do I Start?

Inspiration for hosting a party can come from anywhere. A movie, wallpaper swatch, or even a favorite peice of jewelry. This party is inspired by the classic Gucci Flora collection that comes in and out of fashion every few seasons. The gorgeous flowers combined with the playful butterflies make this a great choice for an Easter table. Once you have your inspiration nailed down the fun of gathering all of the elements begins. As you get a few peices put them all together to see if something needs adjusted. Sometimes a color looks amazing in the store but when you see it all together its just not working (save those receipts!) and needs to be changed.

Where Should I Go To Get The Best Flowers?

Finding great flowers can be as hard as shopping for a bathing suit. Save yourself the trouble and check out Petal Driven, its this incredible service that will send flowers direct from the grower.  All of the flowers on this table came from them and it couldn’t be easier to get these incredible blooms.  To make a great impact with the flowers use several different vases in varied heights. Use the same color palette and add in clear if you find you need more vases. Adding these butterflies mounted on wire from the craft store make these arrangements pop even more and you just cant help but smile when you see them.

Where Do I get the Napkin Rings?

Sometimes you cant find what  you want in a store and you just have to get creative. You can totally make these Gucci inspired bamboo napkin rings with just a few tools and some DIY time. There is something so incredibly satisfying about working with your hands, and when you are done you have soemthing to show for it!

How To Make Bamboo Napkin Rings:

Step 1:

Using a small saw like a Dremel (or a simple hacksaw) cut a 2.5″ section of a bamboo stick. Make sure the burnt “bump” is in the center.

Step 2:

Next drill two holes completley through on either side to accommodate the D-ring.

Step 3:

Using 2 pliers or a needle nose plier and a vice grip bend the D-ring just enough to slide it into the hole in the bamboo.

Step 4:

Now pop the D-ring into the hole of the bamboo on one side and then the other. ( you might need to bend the D-ring back a bit)

Step 5:

Finally put a piece of ribbon doubled up through the rings and sew them together. (either by hand or on a machine)

Putting the effort into setting a beautiful table makes guest immediately feel welcome and excited for whats to come. Save yourself the stress and set the table the day before so you can enjoy it and also to make sure you have everything you need. Have you been inspired by something unexpected to create a beautiful table setting of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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