Copper & Gold Thanksgiving Table Setting

Copper & Gold Thanksgiving Table Setting

The biggest entertaining holiday of the year is upon us Thanksgiving! This brings equal parts joy and fear for most of us so if your heart just puttered a bit you are not alone. To keep your cool one thing to check off of your prep list early is the table setting.

This table celebrates the love of all things copper and gold with an easy center arrangement that is faux so it will last all season.

If you aren’t sure where to start look around your own home for something unexpected that could make a cool vessel for an arrangement. This copper beverage tub is a great choice because it is low and long making it ideal for a table for 8-10 guests. ¬†Anything you put on a table needs to either be low enough, or high enough to easily see around. This arrangement will also be easy to remove if you need to transition from a centerpiece to family style. The rest of the details compliment the copper like the gold chargers, simple napkins and vintage brass chickens. To make everyday white plates look more festive try adding a paper leaf like this one from Hester & Cook. These also make great place cards.

" Anything you put on a table needs to either be low enough, or high enough to easily see around."

When you get the table setting handled you can focus on the main event, all the cooking you are about to do! What are you thinking of doing for your Thanksgiving table this year?


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