Thanksgiving Flowers

Thanksgiving Flowers
Fresh Fall flowers are one of those details that create instant luxury in your home (and something you can probably fit into your budget). You don’t need to go full on Four Seasons every week but creating a gorgeous flower arrangement is telling your home “we are ready for company”. If you are just starting out look no further than a good grocery store, pull a few blooms in shades of green and white (you just can’t go wrong here) this combination is classic.

To see this arrangement come together in no time watch the video:

When you want to go a little further and create several arrangements a service like Petal Driven is a great choice. They simply ship flowers directly from the grower to your front door. This option is perfect for holidays, weddings or a larger party. We had them send us some of their Fall favorites to create these seasonal arrangements. You don’t even need to have a fancy vase to make a beautiful arrangement, dig around in your kitchen to find something you might not have thought of as a vase like this copper ice bucket. To keep the flowers upright try the florist trick of creating a simple grid pattern using skinny tape (clears is best).  
Then get creative mixing things like leaves with ornamental pumpkins and bright Fall colored zinnias. Larger arrangements like this a great for an entryway or a low coffee table. If you are doing something for a table setting make sure you can see over it easily or plan to move it during dinner, no one wants to have to look around flowers to chat. If you are not feeling the traditional warm Fall color palette try something clean and neutral like this fresh wheat that has a blue green shade.
Add some purple zinnias for a pop and you are good. Have you done much flower arranging? Have any fun tips to share with us??

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