The 10 Organizing Items To Buy Now And Use Forever

The 10 Organizing Items To Buy Now And Use Forever

If you haven’t been putting your life in piles because you binge watched Netflix’s “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo”  you are the only one left. This show has inspired so many people to figure out what “sparks joy” and get rid of the rest. This is all fun and games until you try find a “home” for the items that survived.

If you are not a naturally organized person don’t worry you are not alone, just look at the show! Instead of a chore think of organizing as setting your daily life up for success. Creating a smart plan for housing all of your things and sticking to it can make so many things easier (not to mention speed up your morning routine!). This all sounds as lovely as an Instagram fridge, however with seemingly endless options for organizing everything from sunglasses to your arsenal of makeup it can be overwhelming to even get started (not to mention expensive!) To get you going on this organizing journey we have put together a list:

10 favorite organizing tools to try

Clear Shoe Boxes:


These workhorses are full of endless possibilities from storing cloth napkins to actual shoes these boxes are affordable and flexible.(if The Container Store ever discontinues these we will institute a protest)

Deep Drawer Bins:


The gold standard for the Marie Kondo Folding method (vertical folding) these bins will forever change your t shirt organizing game. They are also great for breaking up larger drawers like kitchen towels.

Gear Ties:

The “twistie tie” concept is made even more brilliant with these sturdy gear ties that are essential for managing the 500 million little cords we all have around. They are great for appliance cords too!

Clear Drawers:

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Elfa Drawers:


 These drawers are like the erector set of organizers, you can make them work in so many spaces and when you look at them you just feel like you have it together (bonus points for using the labels!)

Elfa Over The Door Rail With Baskets:

If you have a small space you have just met your new best friend these baskets are so versatile and they also do not need to be permanently mounted which is brilliant if you are renting your home.


Elfa wall organizer:

Our inner craft lady is singing the high notes for this utility board, finally a spot of every colored pencil, marker, pen and stamp you could ever need. Think of it as the pegboard of the future.

IKEA Paper Organizer:


If you have card stock, photo paper, printer paper and other papers that means first of all that you are a fun person who likes to make things it also means you need to get it all sorted and this thing is a lifesaver (and affordable!) It’s called Kvissle.



Skinny Drawers For Office:

Skinny drawers for office- splurge alert! These drawers might make you buy the cheaper wine for a moment but they will be with you forever. They are perfect for storing all of the little things that can claim space in the corners of your countertops and tables like batteries, post its, chargers, pet medications, you get the picture…

Custom Pull Out Drawers:


There is a special place in this world for the inventor of the pull out drawer (it must have been a woman!) these are a brilliant way to customize spaces that have no direction and need some boundaries. The pull out function eliminates the dark sad back of the cabinet that so you don’t end up with a brown rice graveyard dating back to the boy band days.

There are obviously a million other things that didn’t make this list but we want to know your favorites because sharing is caring and we are all in this together, now where are my glasses?


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