How To Cook A Restaurant Steak Like A Boss

How To Cook A Restaurant Steak Like A Boss

Making a delicious restaurant quality steak at home can seem intimidating but it is way easier than you think.  Put on that apron pour yourself some wine and lets do this! When you hear that sizzle come out of your own oven and slice in to reveal the perfect inside you will be so impressed by yourself. Look at you steak master!

What Kind Of Steak Should I Buy?

Shopping the meat department is much more confusing than cooking the meat itself. Save yourself the trouble and head to a grocery store that has a proper butcher counter. For this searing and oven method look for cuts that have some fat running through them like NY Strip or a ribeye. The fat will give your steak a great texture and flavor don’t be afraid of it. That fat is so coveted it has a fancy term called marbling, and we thought that was just for counters!

Don’t I Need Fancy Equipment?

You can cook an incredible steak without having a fancy grill or a million pans all you really need is:

Cast iron or other heavy bottomed pan, preferably not non stick
A neutral oil that has a high smoke point like canola, sunflower or grape-seed
Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
Metal tongs
Instant read thermometer, it is really the best way to know when the steak is done
Sheet tray with a cooling rack

Pat Dry:

Pat the steak dry using a paper towel to remove as much moisture as possible. This step is essential remember  water is the ENEMY of that coveted golden brown crust you want.


Season your steak from up high using Kosher salt, this salt is a coarser grind which is great for seasoning.. Raising your hand makes the salt go on more evenly (think salt bae) too close and the salt sits on one spot like a laser pointer.

Heat The Pan & Oil:

Pre heat your pan over medium high heat, you want this HOT! Once your pan is hot pour in enough oil to thinly coat the surface 1-2 tablespoons. Let that heat up just until it is about to smoke.


Its showtime! Lay the steak into the pan on its prettiest side first. Now don’t touch! Let the magic happen and peak after 3 minutes to see how well your golden brown crust has formed. Once it looks gorgeous flip the steak and sear the other side for 1 minuite. 


Transfer the entire pan into a 450° oven to finish cooking. One of the biggest challenges you will face is how long to cook a steak, timing varies so widely that following a set time just wont guarantee success. To make sure you don’t over or under cook your steak invest in an instant read thermometer and go by temperature instead of time.


 Take your steak off the heat once it is 5° under your desired level of doneness and let the steak finish cooking using the heat that is already generated inside the meat (this is called carryover cooking) use this chart to figure out what temperature you want.

Steak Doneness Final Temperature (°F) Take off Temperature (°F)
Bleu Steak 110°F 105°F
Rare Steak 120–130°F 115–125°F
Medium Rare Steak 130–135°F 125–130°F
Medium Steak 135–145°F 130–140°F
Medium Well Steak 145–155°F 140–150°F
Well Done Steak 155°F and up 150°F and up

Setting this beauty on your table and enjoying it with a friend or family is going to be so rewarding. Once you master the main event next you will want to make the best steakhouse sides ever! What are some sides you would order at a restaurant with this gorgeous steak?

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