How To Make A Smoothie Without A Recipe

How To Make A Smoothie Without A Recipe

If you want to spend more time enjoying your home start by making breakfast in your own kitchen . If your morning routine  doesn’t leave much time for cooking a morning smoothie is your weekday secret. Stock your fridge and freezer with a few essentials and you can whip one of these delicious combinations up in no time. This also beats standing in line somewhere to end up with a “healthy” version of a milkshake.

Get your smoothie game on by mastering the basic ratios and ingredients. Once you have this down you wont need a recipe you can just open the fridge and go for it.

Step 1: Liquid

If your blender has a measuring guide on the side add the liquid first. This saves you an extra dish to clean (Yaaas!). Start with 8oz of liquid you can always add more to thin out your smoothie. You should defiantly try different liquids to avoid smoothie burnout.
Here are some ideas:
Coconut water
Almond milk
Rice Milk
Hemp Milk
Oat Milk
Fruit Juice (unsweetened)

Step 2: Fruit

Frozen fruit is your secret weapon for an easy smoothie (also budget friendly) but you can certainly use fresh if you have it around. 1 cup is great for a single serving. Use all the same fruit or combine a couple to change it up.
Smoothie fruits:
Chunks of mango

Step 3: Greens


Adding a handful of greens is also a great idea to up the vitamins and minerals not to mention that gorgeous color. This Green Goddess recipe is a great start.
Smoothie greens:
Swiss chard
Beet greens

Step 4: Powders & Flavor

There seem to be as many protein powder options as shades of makeup! A favorite of ours is Vital Proteins Collagen Powder. It has all the benefits of collagen like supporting healthy hair, skin, nails, bone and joint health, digestion, & muscle recovery. With a generous 18g of protein per serving. It is easy to blend and doesn’t change the flavor of your smoothie. Make a Peanut Butter Chocolate with added collagen to try it out. Another fun idea is to add cinnamon or vanilla to really amp up the flavor. Start with 1/2 teaspoon and adjust to your taste.
Smoothie powders & spices:
Herbs (like Reishi)

Step 4: Blending

Blenders come in as many options as a new car, (do you want power locks and windows or turbo power?)! Our top pick is the restaurant favorite, Vitamix. Yes this is pricey blenders but if you make smoothies all the time it is absolutely worth the investment. This thing literally turns ice into snow in no time, it is that powerful! If you have frozen fruit in the mix already just start with a couple cubes of ice and blend. Add more liquid if everything melds together and stops mixing. After you get into the habit you will just know when it’s all working properly.

Step 5: Topping


For love of all things Instagram you can certainly top your smoothie with everything from bee pollen to coconut flakes. The toppings on this Berry Booster look as good as they taste.
Toppings to try:
Shelled pistachios
Golden raisins
Wheat germ
Raw cacao nibs
Sliced banana
Goji berries
Sunflower seeds
Chia seeds
Dried mulberries

Watch how to make each of these smoothies:

What combination will you try first?


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